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We're in the business of raising funds to support a better world.
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Our team comes first - no matter what. We believe that when people feel valued they can do remarkable things. We create a culture of support, direction and success so that you can get on with the fun part - inspiring new donors to connect to great causes. We take care of our own and give back what we can - but we want something in return. We want our staff to be happy and be themselves at all times. True conversations convert into great long-term supporters and more fulfilled staff. We pride ourselves on raising the standard of face-to-face by way of honest and respectful engagement. 

Are you a driven and unique go-getter who wants to make a difference for charities across the world? Are you looking for work with purpose and a great working environment? If you want strong career-path opportunities and somewhere where you can change the way people view the world, simply click apply.

Street fundraiser
We recruit donors in metropolitan areas, having relaxed and sincere conversations with people in a variety of outdoor settings. The call to action is for a member of the public to use our secure platform and sign up for a monthly donation to one of our deserving causes. 

Private sites fundraiser

Inspiration can happen anywhere. Engaging with the public in a private venue is a great way to increase brand recognition and has a tangible impact for top priority programs. This is an exciting way to explore fundraising when you want every day to be different.

Residential fundraiser

Door-to-door's community-based  method situates potential donors well to make key decisions without pressure, at their homes. With full autonomy, the donors we recruit are sustainable and thoroughly engaged with the cause. This classic grassroots approach is both effective and empowering.

Wait a minute...

Team leader opportunity

Have you ever felt that all the job-listings always sound EXACTLY the same? Are you an experienced fundraiser or team leader in the U.S. looking for something new? Well, this is Eos, and we're a little different here. We don't hire experienced talent to tell them what to do. It should be the other way around, right? We know each leader is unique, and we'd love to hear your thoughts to what makes your personal style amazing and how the best fundraising company could support your growth.

  • Top$ hourly living wage (not commission)
  • Eligible for health insurance benefits
  • Paid training and development
  • Optional travel opportunities
  • A company that actually cares about you and your well-being (yep, we know it's important - because you are important!)

 Operating remotely, we acquire new donors via telecommunications. This traditional form of telephone canvassing is mostly scripted, but there is plenty of opportunity for your personality to shine thru. Work from our call center or at a distance from the comfort of your own home.  

Roaming fundraiser

Sometimes you just want to spread your wings and fly. We get it! It's a big world out there. Hop on the road and join the roaming team for this once in a lifetime, canvassing-lifestyle experience. We will consider any major destinations.
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