eos fundraising


Creative Innovation

Experience with Results

Collaborative Teamwork

Values Driven

Works in partnership developing communications and business critical funding

A fresh approach to long-term sustainer fundraising.

An award winning team that exceeds campaign needs

We care to provide the best experience possible for everyone involved.

"Collaboration is the cornerstone of mountain moving."


Contract Services with Atlas

Our affiliate company Atlas Collective is now offering a wide range of services including: political canvassing and voter registration, survey taking, commercial sales, NGO grant writing, events services and more. Click here for further information.

Donor Acquisition

Specializing in face-to-face grassroots canvassing approaches (in street, mall & residential locations) we'll acquire new long term donors and process the contributions through a secure platform. We now also provide remote telefundraising.

Integrated Strategy Consulting

Acquisition is just the beginning. We'll work with you to ensure donor journey optimization, from on-field quality assurance up to stewardship guidance. We know you want the strongest KPI's and tightest guarantees; We'll plan & deliver a full-service program with you, tailored just for you.